Baked Team

We are proud, lucky, and thrilled to have such an amazing and talented bakery staff. Our tiny bakery (trust me, the kitchen is really tiny) operates with a lot of heart and exacting efficiency to create an irresistible array of the best hand-made baked goods.

Meet some of the members of this sweet dream team:

Molly Marzalek-Kelly – Head Baker/Pastry Goddess

Molly was born and raised in the beautiful state of Vermont. While she endlessly role-played the baking life as a kid via the Play-Doh kitchen assortments, she never really thought she would become a baker. She spent a quick four years studying economics at Wheaton College before moving to NYC. Poor Molly slogged through five years at a law firm auditing cable companies on behalf of Hollywood bigwigs before realizing it was soul-sucking work and she realized she needed a job that was supposed to contribute to her happiness. So, Molly enrolled in the Classic Pastry Arts program (with the loyal encouragement of her family) at the International Culinary Center and has never looked back. She finds peace and comfort in the kitchen. Her first thought every morning, “I can’t believe someone pays me to do this”. Molly currently lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Things she loves: making ice cream, kindness, lists

Things she does not love: cilantro, tomatoes, cats (oh, Molly), and people who can’t make up their mind.

Veronika Matunin – Queen Decorator/Wedding Cake Master

It’s probably not a coincidence that Veronika minored in Art (with a major in Psychology – all the better to understand the mind of the “bride”) long before she became a cake designer. Actually, it was probably fated. But before Veronika knew that she wanted to create beautifully sculpted (and tasty) cakes for all occasions she took a walk on the savory side of things. Veronika decided to make food her life work after a few years in the healthcare business. She attended Johnson and Wales before working her way up the (savory) kitchen at Westchester Country Club. One day, the pastry kitchen asked for her assistance and she has been involved in butter, eggs, chocolate, fondant, and vanilla ever since. Veronika currently lives in Brooklyn.

Things she loves: boots (she really loves boots), cheese, dinner parties

Things she doesn’t love: chocolate mint chip ice cream, procrastination

Jordan Slocum – General Manager Dude/Wedding Guy

Jordan hails from the great and mighty Las Vegas (which makes him one of two long-time Baked employees from Sin City which probably has nothing to do with Matt’s love of Las Vegas). Jordan arrived at the Baked doorstep with a deep love of sweets and treats (gleaned from his mom’s kitchen) and coffee and celebrity cookbooks and he has been with us ever since. Prior to arriving at Baked, Jordan was all over Connecticut biking and baking and hosting gatherings of all sorts. He is currently in charge of juggling weddings and a million office-y things at Baked (sorry Jordan) and he will do just about anything for a piece of cheesecake. Jordan resides in Brooklyn!

Things he loves: mom's brisket, organization, Dolly Parton

Things he doesn’t love: mushrooms, flying, humidity

Katie Page – Co-Queen Decorator/Wedding Cake Mistress

Katie, a Michigan native, was studying for a BA in Psychology at MSU (Michigan State University) when she experienced one of those “a-ha” moments. Baking was in her blood, psychology wasn’t. Immediately, she changed course. She left MSU and moved to Denver to attend Johnson and Wales University where she graduated in 2010 with an AS in Baking and Pastry. A quick side trip took her to Seattle, WA (she worked at both Marcina Bakery and Cake Envy) before she finally found her true calling : New York City. After a cross-country interview at Baked, and subsequent job offer, she packed everything she owned (including a lot of pastry tools) into a rental van and drove to Brooklyn. At Baked, Katie initially split her time between baking and decorating before becoming a full time decorator in the fall of 2012. Today, Katie’s churns out a bounty of beautiful cakes and other sexy desserts for the Baked faithful. She lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn and looks forward to coming to work every single day. 

Things she lovesbanana's foster, Halloween, thunderstorms

Things she doesn’t lovegrocery shopping, tequila, wolverines