Baked Team

We are proud, lucky & thrilled to have such an amazing & talented bakery staff. Our bakery operates with a lot of heart & exacting efficiency to create an irresistible array of the best baked goods. Below are some of our current staff & their favorite Baked treats.

Annemarie Bouman

General Manager, Tribeca

Tri Color Cake scraps!

Jeff Palmer

General Manager, Red Hook

Anything with peanut butter

John Crucianelli

HR and Office Manager, Tribeca

Frosted sugar cookie

Alex Sullivan

Project Manager

Blueberry Buckle

Brad Johnson

Assistant General Manager, Red Hook

Whichever one is closest?

Christine Yen-McGlade

Head Baker, Tribeca

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Katie Page

Head Decorator, Red Hook

Dulcey Cake

Kelly Knight

Lead Barista, Red Hook

Coconut Cream Cake



Interested in joining the Baked team? Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] and we'll get back to you if/when there's a position available we think you'd be a fit for!