Baked Goods

At Baked, our kitchen is a baking lab of sorts. Our chefs are always experimenting with new ingredients, flavors, textures and presentations and some of these finished products make their way to the customer counter. Come in and be surprised. 

In addition to the many new products in development, you will always find our bakery case stuffed with fresh Baked Classics (think Sweet and Salty Brownies, Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Berry Scones, thick Cake slices, and many, many more delectables).

Browse our Baked Goods pages to get a feel for what we serve and feel free to contact us if you have a question about the day's offerings.  

Note: due to volume and seasonality not every flavor of every item is available every day - however - most items can be special ordered if you give us 48 hours notice. 

As always, our products are made fresh, from scratch and by hand, on a daily basis by our team of talented chefs and bakers. We hope to see you soon.